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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Back Again!

So I have let the blog lapse a bit in the last few months, but now I am back and will soon be blogging reguarly once more.

And what blog topics to cover? Well there is a tory government but I will imagine within the next week a will have several blog posts about the election covering different aspects of it.

I fought the presidential elections for Uni Glam Students Union and lost but a month later won the position of Chair of the Treforest (the main campus) so there will be some stuff on student politics touching on the NUS, cut backs in education, student radicalism and also the damage the liberals have done amongst thier student base.

On a personal note several things have been happening much of which will not appear on the blog, but I have recently become an uncle, my sister had a baby boy a couple of weeks ago and that may be blogged on as well.

More to come shortly.

Everyones Favourite Comrade.


  1. So the general election kind of slipped by you then.

  2. No I believe that has been mentioned in the above article and states that there will be further posts on it in future.

    Though up until now there have been no posts on the election that is because of various reasons including the election itself I have not had the time to blog


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