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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Some things never change

Once again the ex-nazi officer Pope Benedict is causing a stir, when he accused the UK Government of pursing unjust equality laws. Surely a contradiction in and of itself. The Pope argues that the government’s new rules limit religious freedom. While there is some truth in this the law only limits the freedom to discriminate. One of the few freedoms I cannot support.

At the same time I do have some sympathy with the position that the Pope outlines, in that these laws may violate their religious beliefs. They maybe be bigoted religious beliefs but they are religious beliefs none the less. If the Catholic Church feels it cannot have homosexuals in the clergy then I guess ultimately it is up to them. I can’t quite understand why any homosexuals regardless of their belief in Catholicism would want to enter into an organised religious institution with such beliefs anyway. However if the church wants to pursue a policy along this lines then I certainly would object to their charitable status and any state funding which they so often request for church building repairs and other Catholic buildings such as schools, village halls etc.

This opens up a whole other issue as it is not just clergy who are employed by the Catholic Church. There is administration staff for the church, maintenance workers etc. Also there is a whole other issue of Catholic run Schools. It has been questioned as to whether the church has the right to only employ a head teacher who shared their faith. Clearly this is discriminatory to oh so many. Ministers have also wanted to force faith schools to take a quarter of their pupils from other religious backgrounds. Although I would a oppose such a quota system for entrance into a school I think it is ridiculous that you can only be admitted to the school on the basis of your religion in the first place. Well in reality the religion of your parents as the whole ethos of the religious schools is to brainwash young people into following that religion.

So while I think it is fair to say that the church has the right to decide who their clergy are, in essence who their spiritual leaders are, whoever bigoted that may be. I do not see how on that basis or on any other basis for that matter how the Catholic Church should be able to maintain it’s charitable status. I also cannot see any argument to allow the continuation of religious schools in this manner for several reasons, if they cannot except the equality bill as a guide to who is employed is is clearly unacceptable. The whole purpose seems to religious teaching and to teach the idea that homosexuals are not equal is intolerable, although the Archbishop of Cardiff words it slightly differently when he said.

“But I think there is a misunderstanding, because sometimes in government legislation equality seems to be that we are equal in dignity, beyond that each of us is unique.”

He seems to be able to find some dignity in being discriminated against because of your sexuality, (a situation which is hard to deal with generally because the prejudices of society) in a way that I cannot. Clearly the Catholic Church continues to show what they really stand for again and again. All Catholics should break with the tyranny of organised religion and find their spiritual beliefs in solace, free the shackles of bigotry.


  1. I am just amazed that this man whose leader was all for equality and social justice can justify what his organisation stands for and reinforces

  2. I have always found the idea of organised religion quite a disturbing one. It is clear that the pope doesn't promote the ideas in the bible as evident by many of the things he says.

    I also find it weird why a person with a strong spiritual belief can not worship their beliefs without the guidance of a building and a someone at the front of that building telling them exactly what it is they really believe.

    but maybe that is just the musings of an athiest

  3. Obviously, this is an ecumenical matter that deserves serious consideration. And so we must cogitate and reflect on the spiritual significance of Glyn's article, and its relevance to today's society.
    In other words, I'll kind of sit on the fence like my good old friend Rowan Williams.

    Anyway, this shit wouldn't happen if I was the pope. VOTE MICHAEL JOHNSON FOR POPE - WE NEED A WORKERS' ALTERNATIVE

  4. M: "this is an ecumenical matter" - YES! That would be an ecumenical matter! YES!

    Seriously, we do need a Pope on a workers wage, with right of recall.

  5. Vote Everyones Favourite Comrade to be Everyones Favourite Catholic leader

  6. Under the direct control of Pope Mike, of course.



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